Thursday, March 08, 2007


I just watched this week's Heroes on Wow.
I love this show!! The writting is fabulouse!
I couldn't believe mind-clearing man was working for Mrs. Petrelli! Do you think she's behind the paper company (set up to keep tabs on Claire), or do you think she's just doing this on her own?
*Shocker* that Mohinder clued in to Sylar- but common, you had to know Sylar was stronger than an IV. Do you think Peter will be able to out-power Sylar?
Hiro is by far my fav character- he's so cute and lovable. I'm glad they didn't do a stupid scene where he didn't really have his powers once he got the sword. I wasn't expecting Ando back.
D.L HAS to know Jessica's around. I found great satisfaction in seeing Nathan knock her out.
OK. I really don't want to wait until *APRIL* 23rd! for the next episode.
LOVE watching it for free online. :)

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Anonymous said...

love Heroes TOO! Wish we were close enough to have a Heroes Night ... (doing my "Friends" clap)I have to say though, I'm not used to watching a show that has so much blood. It seems like it should be a movie ... that turned into a show. I'm impatient and would like some resolution... and we have to wait until April 23 for a new episode? bummer :(