Monday, March 05, 2007

A very bad thing

My friend S is hosting one of *those* parties this weekend and since I'm the consultant I've been scheming great schemes for a particular game that should pose fun pictures (S, get your camera ready dear- it's going to be serious).
Well the game requires Twinkies -yes, those delicious little naughty treats. I shouldn't have bought the box until I was on my way to S's house for the party, but I wasn't thinking.
What WAS I thinking?!? A box of Twinkies at my house for a week?!? Did I seriously think I could refrain? I mean, there are twelve of those things in this box. Statistically speaking, how many times am I going to walk by the closet and see the box and say "No thanks" before I say "Why not"...and then, AFTER I've said "Why not" what's keeping me from downing the other 11 by the end of the week? Certainly not the sugar seeker growing in my tummy. *sigh*
Why oh why did I buy the box of Twinkies a week before the party.....

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