Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stupid Qwest

So I have to rant to someone about this stupid company and you’re the lucky ones. :)
Yesterday I faxed them a power of attorney so I could be on the account and have my house phone disconnected. It’s dumb to have, if your local calls reach only Larimore and calling to base or Grand Forks-where *all* my area calls are-end up being long distance and we use our cell phones for that. So, this costumer service lady #1 takes *an hour* to figure out how to type on her computer and click on disconnect phone services and assures me that the phone will be cut off today. Well whatever she clicked on took out my internet immediately. SO, I call them to ask them what’s going on and customer service lady #2, who actually sounded like she knew what she was doing, said that whomever I talked to before really did a number and that Quest was happy that I called back. Yeah.
So customer service lady #2 fixes the problem and tell me that if I hadn’t called back all of my services (including my internet) would have been shut down until Friday when they would reconnect it. Great! SO glad I called them back. Instead, my services would be disconnected on Friday and immediately connected again. They have to take out my phone and my internet and reconnect my internet. They can’t just take out my phone. Fine. Just take out my phone, please!
Today I get a phone call from customer service lady #3. She’s calling to confirm the work order for Friday at our home on Grand Forks AFB. Ummm…NO! We moved, and we never had your service at our other house, so I don’t know how you got that address, but, NO, we need your work order in *Larimore*. “Wow…hmm…that’s never happened before” was what this lady actually says to me. What the heck, nobody wants to hear that. So she puts me on hold a minute and then comes back and says this: “We will be coming out to your home in Larimore and disconnecting your phone and internet and reconnecting your internet at the same time. In connecting your internet back up you will need to reinstall our programs into your computer system as you will have a new internet number. We are sending you the new CDs for the install today.”
This is where I freak out. I am mentally screaming. You see, when we installed their stuff on our computer the first time it took me *all day*. I was on the phone with 3 of the customer “service” representatives with 3 different problems. All 3 of these people had what I would determine as inhirable qualities for a service representative (slow talkers/slow readers of their handbook in front of them, *heavily* foreign-accented speaking- to where you have to take a minute after each sentence to figure out what they just said, irritating non-stop laughter- no one likes having to call you people so please don’t be overly perky and laugh at everything I say). I was *fuming* that they wanted me to go through this process again- except this time without my husband home to watch the kids.
So, I laid it all out for customer service lady #3. My husband is gone so you have the freakin’ freedom to be stupid. I have 2 children under 4 and I’m pregnant with our 3rd. I’m a stay at home mom and the sole keeper of everything that relates to our home including the services you provide. Your installation help team burns my butter and I am not going to go through that process again. So please have someone else call me (who knows much more than you) and assure me that I am not going to have to reinstall anything. I JUST WANT MY PHONE OFF, and if I have to go through all of those installation steps over again, I’m not sure that I want to be with a company that puts me through that much hassle. Click. (I didn’t actually tell her that my husband was supporting her freedom to be stupid- but I was *really* thinking it and I *did* hang up on her).
I am *livid* with these people.

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Andrea said...

Good for you! Isn't it murphy's law that suggests the unnecessary complexity of seemingly simple requests. Why do the less-than-intelligent sector of society always end up working in high-demand service industries. I'm sorry to hear about your frustration though. Give them hell, Beverly. And if you get some down time, see if you can find the movie "Idiocracy" light of your experiences, you might appreciate it :)