Saturday, April 07, 2007

Should You Need to Know...

After many many many more crazy phone calls and a home service call and then another tech support call I have deducted a couple of things about Qwest.
A) They are a real piece of work
B) The local Qwest people are great and manage things *A MILLION* times better than corporate.
C) The corporate phone service people are 90% foreign born citizens who barely speak English and I'm *BANKING* on the fact they can't read half the English on their computer screens.
So now I'm back up and running- my Internet was actually down b/c of these people for 2 days.
Glad to have my Internet back and I am totally debating my bill for the two days of no Internet.
(I should charge them my cell phone minutes! Crazy.)
The last tech support guy I talked to spoke lovely English and after I relayed my Qwest tale to him informed me of a lovely insider secret.
So, should you ever need to know: when you call Qwest and get a person with a foreign accent feign complete ignorance as to what they are saying and ask for the English speaking department. They will transfer you to an American who you can understand, can understand you, *and* understand everything that is on their computer screen thus saving you about 4 15-minute periods on hold and 2 hours of "ok....huh....ok?....huh...*japanese word*...huh"

*Disclaimer: I'm half Latina. I have *nothing* against ethnicity. Qwest not only hires foreign born citizens with heavy accents- they are also required to have some sort of educational handicap. This blog is not meant to offend anyone of any kind of ethnicity. It's meant to cool my frustration on a company that claims to have "Spirit of Service" but has no actual service.
I'm now done with posts about them, though. :)

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