Friday, May 18, 2007

Finales 1

Ok. The finales so far have me frustrated!
What the heck Dreams! You don't go back on your word in front of the world for a chance at a million dollars! The very act of going back on your word in front of the whole jury *guarantees* you will not be a millionaire. Blame it on dehydration, buddy, 'cause that's going to be a sucky thing to live with.
I can't help but laugh 'cause my favorite part of the finale was Brass saying he wanted to torture the Miniature Killer with bleach. If you don't watch the show that's going to sound insanely cruel- but really, it was very funny. And once again- What the heck! When "To Be Continued" scrolled across my screen I wanted to scream, but the kids were napping. Yeah, and holy cow I couldn't breath when she sliced Grissom's neck! I slid my chair back and held my breath until they flashed back to reality. Not cool for CSI to start showing Ally McBeal moments from killer perspectives.
Grey's Anatomy:
I'm still not quite sure how to take the last few minutes of the show. I'm confused, and I might have to watch it again. Christina said "I'm free" like it was good but then was crying- and I thought the "choker" part was great...but is she happy it's over...or...huh?
And now there IS no he coming back...or...huh? I need interpretation. Seriously. :)


MandySue said...

Ahh I know, the Grey's Anatomy one is still getting me also. I wanted at least something happy to happen, but no, everything was depressing. I was SERIOUSLY in a bad mood after watching it. An the chief thing, it kept bouncing around. At one point in the finale I saw a flier thing that announced the new chief as Cali, so maybe he offered it to McDreamy, he turned it down and said the chief would do it differently this time and he did by not accepting it and offering it to Cali. I have no clue. I think I will have to watch it again myself. ... as long as I have something to cheer myself up afterwards..:)

B_Rousch said...

Yeah, Cali made Chief Resident- which she and Bailey were in the runnings for together...which is why Bailey was sad last part of the episode and didn't go to the wedding. Since they didn't give it to Bailey, I'm glad they didn't give it to that overly happy would be annoying to see her more than we do in episodes. :)