Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Girl

Yup. Had the ultrasound this morning! It was such fun!
Here are pictures.
The ultrasound guy kept saying "wow, you've got an active baby!". No kidding. I have it inside me, I *know*. :)
She's also *sassy*. She kept kicking at the monitor wand (hence lower left hand foot picture).
So, I need girl names! Help! :)


Andrea said...

Cute kid! Are you looking for any special meaning behind a name? Are you wanting a biblical name, a trendy many choices out there. I'm getting adept at this name finding business, so I'd love to help with a few more parameters.

B_Rousch said...

Well, I want a biblical girl name that doesn't sound too formal, or have weird biblical implications. :) It can be the middle name too. So far we like Rebekah :) but aren't 100% on it and don't know what middle names would go well with it. :)