Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finales 2

I am much more impressed with the finales this week!

Brothers and Sisters: Wow that was a teary one, watching Nora say goodbye to Justin! The senator’s family was just the comic twist that family party needed- I about died when that cousin came in with her date, drink already in hand and headed right upstairs.

Heroes: You mean they actually stopped the bomb? A show’s characters set out to accomplish something and actually do by the end of that season? Revolutionary! Saved the cheerleader-check, saved the world-check. Crazy! I couldn’t be more happy with a season finale! I know that Sylar slithered away, and Hiro ended up in centuries-ago-land, but that was in their peek into part two, so to me that doesn’t really count as the finale. They changed what Hiro had seen to be the future, and that was a good feeling- plus we got to see Mohinder’s powers in action, by his saving DL. I’m really curious to see next season who the “higher villain” is (the one that Molly says is worse than the “Boogieman” and can see her if she thinks of him). So now that they’ve saved the world, we’ll see what’s up for them next season. (Still bugging me: what is Mrs. Petrelli’s power?)

Dancing With The Stars: It was going to be a great finale either way it went out- holy cow the final three were all extremely talented! But, I was going for Layla Ali- what a gem!

Lost: They need to have Lost: The Answers on *every week* ‘cause I need answers! I want to look at the back of their script and see all those answer sheets. I know it’s a mystery show, but I wouldn’t have gotten a lot of stuff in the finale if they hadn’t had the answers show on right before it. AND I wouldn’t have realized that bearded Jack was also future Jack had I not read on TV guide a few weeks ago that they were done filming all flashbacks. Obviously you could figure that out in the last scene with Kate and all, but knowing bearded Jack was future Jack helped a lot in the viewing from the start. Sometimes this show- sorry for this one guys- just has me LOST! Sad that Charlie drowned. Sadder still that Jack didn’t take out Benjamin while he could have. So they will get off the island, atleast Jack and Kate will-but did Kate get pregnant on that island like she was wondering about towards the middle of the finale? Hmm, hmm, hmm.

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