Monday, May 07, 2007

My new mary janes

I just read a post from my friend Susan and she mentioned needing new shoes. I needed new sandals *bad* until yesterday! I'd been going back and forth on Crocs since I first saw them 3 summers ago and then I saw their ad for their new designs and loved the Mary Janes. I looked them up on the web and even bookmarked the site, looking at them everyday for about a month trying to decide what color I wanted (holding myself back everytime I saw that price tag). I know, they're shoes- but I'm using them as sandals really, and I never pay more than 15 bucks on sandals! This lead me down the road to ebay. (what the heck happened to gettting a good deal on ebay?) Some people were just outright selling you the same deal as on the manufacturer's website and charging extra *on top* of that! But there amongst the crazy ebay prices I came upon cute little Crocs imitations made by Airwalk for Payless. Yes! Payless...Pay Less. That's what I wanted to do. And I did. After church yesterday I ran in and got a pair of #7s in a cute marbled blue. I wore them outside in this lovely weather today. They are so comfy! And I love Mary Janes. They are so cute. So, hooray for new shoes and nice weather to wear them in!

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