Monday, May 07, 2007


While typing my last post, my son threw up...twice. I heard that unmistakable sound of liquid and thought "please...God...anything but puke". I would have been happy to turn the corner to see red Kool-aid on my carpet...but it wasn't. I think that I have a pretty good stomache for all things Mom, buuuuuut PUKE. I hate puke. The smell, the look, the everything. Gag!!
Mark my words people, Hell will smell of puke.
I think I used a box of baking soda after cleaning it to soak up any *extra* smells.
I feel that I deserve a metal tonight.
Puke deserves some sort of extra special Mom metal.
It's soo far and above what any human should ever have to clean up. But, alas, I am the Mom and tonight I had to...cause the Dad wasn't around to pin it on. OOOOOooohhh....he owes me big time.

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MandySue said...

ewwww! Ashley had it about 2 weeks ago. Uhh by the end I was gagging every time I heard *the noise* didn't even have to smell it!