Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I just finished watching last nights episode and the week's before (I had somehow forgotten to watch it last week). Wow! I love this show. It just amazes me e v e r y t i m e I watch it. I did *not* see so many things coming:
Niki and Peter (they actually have good chemistry together!)
Sylar becoming Nathan as President
The good guys becoming bad by losing hope
Sylar having doubts about what he had become

I thought it was a little tack less of them to have Sylar kill his mother the week of Mother's Day. :) But you *knew* she was going to die the second she opened the door and welcomed him in. What still bugs me, and I can't wait till they reveal it, is what is Mrs. Petrelli's power?
And how did they kill off Linderman- I'm assuming they did since he wasn't in the future scenes. If he had the power to heal things, I'm hoping Peter got close to him at some point to absorb that power! :)
Can't wait till next week!

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