Monday, June 04, 2007

Father's Day Shirts

Made all my Father's Day cards today per today's SCS Challenge (to make Origami Shirt Cards). I had a stupid grin on my face the whole time I was making these. They were *SOOO* much fun to make! I individualized each one according to that father's personality (my Dad is a Ralph Lauren junkie so I put the POLO emblem on the shirt and such). They were quick and did I mention they were FUN? :) And I'm done for Father's Day! Woohoo!


MandySue said...

Wow, Bev you are so on top of it! I made some of the shirt cards last year. But I couldn't get the folding right so I had to ask Mike to do it for me. Oops! Oh well. I loved your coffee card! That was the cutest one I have seen in a while!!!!

Robyn said...

Way to go!! You made so many of these and they all look awesome!!


JAR said...

How many fathers do you have???
These are so cute!! I have yet to try one.

Audrey-CieloTierraMar said...

Well Jose loved his, he asked me how did she fold it so well! Kudos