Friday, June 08, 2007

Poor Paris Hilton!

Isn't this whole going to prison ordeal so sad? Don't you just feel for the poor girl? Don't you just want to hug her mother and father for the injustice that their dear daughter has gone through even after having gone through the best of upbringings?

That judge sent her back to jail! Can you imagine? In handcuffs. It's just too much to bear. 45 days in prison for reckless driving is just unimaginable. She only gets to have 3 blankets in her cell and she has to use one of them as a pillow? Thank goodness they gave her credit for 5 days when she had only been in for 3- at least justice has been served somewhere.


Couldn't you just gag that sheriff for releasing her? What in the heck is going on over there?!?!?

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