Sunday, December 23, 2007

Catty Walk Through

Hey! If you have your new Stampin' Up Spring/Summer 08 catalog with you, you can flip along with me! I’m going to walk through it and show you what I like!
First off, did you notice the watermark on the covers and collection pages? That flower is part of the Ginger Blossom designer paper. Pretty, huh?!?
Pg 11- I love how they used the felt flowers on the twigs and put a Rub On on the jug!
Pg. 21- Wow, look at their example for that giant From The Garden flower! Isn’t it perfect?!?
Pg. 27- Wasn’t it too clever of them to use Rub Ons on the easter eggs?!? Too stinkin’ clever!
Pg. 33- Ofcourse, I love that The Free & the Brave set- don’t ya get card ideas swimming in your head just lookin at it?
Pg. 37- I adore the set they used for these examples! The set is on page 46 with it’s matching wheel!
Pg. 54- Look at that flower they made with the pretties kit and our new beads on the stem!
Pg. 55- I looove that they used the double stitched ribbon in a circle around the hat!
Pg. 62- Look! They stapled a decoration onto that straw!
Pg. 66- Isn’t that new Pun Fun set adorable?!? I just *heart* that rocket!
Pg. 67- Holy smokes! Can you believe those pinwheels? I have a template if you want to try it!
Pg 71- Dinos! Yeay for boy sets!
Pg. 76- my new favorite sets! How “totally awesome” are these?!? Sahweet! J
Pg. 83- Humingbird alert! This is one of two new sets with a hummingbird in it- the other is Spring Song on page 103.
Pg. 90- Peonies! I love those examples too! Umm…yeah…I’m not sure what I think about those peaches in Fruit Stand though…uhh…they look kinda like…yeah.
Pg. 103- One of my new favorite pages! Look at those new stamps! Love that bird in Spring Song, and the lighthouse in A Light unto My Path. And seashells!!!
Pg. 108-109- Look at all the examples with our Berry Bliss designer paper! YUUUM-O!
Pg. 112- “You’re The Man” coffee cup! LOL!
Pg. 131- Lookie! Recipe cards! Ooo!
Pg. 148- Love that Elegant Cheer set! The font is so nice!
Pg 151- All I’ve got to say is: “Friend. Good.” LOL
Pg. 168-171- Wow! I love the new designer paper! That Berry Bliss and Western Sky is mine!
Pg. 177- Felt Flower yipeeeee!
Pg 182- Yeah Rub Ons!
Pg. 186- Isn’t that glittery “U” so sweet on that card?!? They made it with the new sticky cuts letters and covered it with the new orchid finr cosmo glitter. And see our new liquid adhesive at the bottom of the page? It’s Tombow Muti and is supposed to be fantastic!
Pg. 191- Helloooooo new striped grosgrain ribbon! Oo! And in some of my favorite colors! Bashful blue especially! Wahoo! J
Pg. 192- Check it out! Beads! In duo packs! And dontcha love that album up there in the corner? It’s made with that Pockets and Pieces up there. And those flowers are from the One of a Kind set on page 109 and punched out with the new Boho Blossoms punch.
Pg. 193- Nicely organized desk (isn’t their attempt to make it look used with the buttons and stamps sad? LOL) You don’t even want to see what my craft area looks like!! Yikes. J

And there you have it- my little walk through. I’ll be trying out a lot of the examples from this catty- they are fabulous huh?!? And remember that the recipes for each example are found in the back of the catty pgs 198-206 under their page number.


Joani said...

It's killin me... I want my new catty, and I want it now....

Thanks for the "peek"


Anonymous said...

Now that I have the catty Bev, I can play along.....can't wait to see what you thought!!

Merry Christmas!!
Barb (babsnelson)