Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Dinner with 10 Children & Their 4 Parents

Christmas dinner '07 proved to be the most fascinating evening I had *all* year!
We were invited by the "S" family, whom my husband sold his firewood to, over to their home for Christmas dinner. I hadn't met them, but was promised by my husband to be in for a treat.
The "S" family is a large family. The Dr. and Deb have 7 children. Their oldest is 19 and their youngest is 4. They stick out from any family not only because of sheer numbers, but also because of their Mennonite beliefs. They dress conservatively and are extremely respectful and kind.
I had to have had the most bug-eyed expression all evening! :)
The daughters made dinner, set the table, filled glasses, washed dishes and put away the food. They also entertained my kids! Even the boys helped! They were sweet and extremely well behaved! I'm thinking I might kidnap a couple in the middle of the night.......
The dinner was just delicious! So many yummy side dishes to go with the smoked turkey and 3 pies to choose from- I'm a sucker for good food! We all even fit at their large table!
We had some fascinating conversations on raising children and such.
We also spoke at great length about being in the military and having larger families.
At the end of our evening as we were saying goodbye and putting our coats on, their children came out to the living room and sang us a beautiful song in 4 part harmony. Yeah, I'm not kidding. It was amaaaaazing. LOL
What a night! :)


Andrea said...

Dinner, a song and 7 polite, helpful children...what a night! You are always involved in something interesting. I must say, your insights about life are many time a highlight of my day. Hope you and the family have a blessed 2008.

Anonymous said...

I think I know who you are talking about....they are a very nice family. She homeschools too, correct? LOL Dr. S, military, big family....that could only be ONE family lol

The singing is just too "Normal Rockwell" lol

My kids are heathens!!