Thursday, January 31, 2008


Have you seen my word of the week over there ---->
Well, it’s a good one don’tcha think? Magnus Opus also means ‘masterpiece’.
At the end of my life I want to know that my children were my Magnus Opus. We have 3 right now, but our magic number is 4. Crazy, but I think doable.
There are many things that I am *passionate* about. I love reading. I love love, love, stamping~ in particular card making. I love connecting with other women. But more than that, I love my children. They drive me crazy. But, I love my children. :)
That said, I am Magnoperating. I am working on that Magnus Opus. Everyday, and nearly every second of that day. They listen and repeat every darn thing…and they will, for the rest of their blessed lives.
Recently I made a rather large decision with my husband that we would home school. Magnoperating to the extreme! :) And you know what? I’m excited about it! I wasn’t….at all…a year ago. A year ago I would have laughed in your face and I did to a few of my friends who asked me if I had considered it. I literally laughed in their faces~ yikes! *Bad Bev*
But, my heart has changed. My insight has expanded, and I have seen what a beautiful thing it is to educate your babies on life in its entirety. My territory is enlarged (see Prayer of Jabez).
What is it you are Magnoperating?

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Andrea said...

I think your decision is commendable and yes...a little crazy too :) You'll make a wonderful educator for your children; you possess insights like no one I've ever met and certainly have a "Je ne sais quoi," about you. What fun you will have! Contact me if you ever need a lesson idea...Lord knows I have a few stored in my mental files :).