Monday, February 18, 2008

Beauty From Ashes

The other evening I was cleaning the apartment and feeling overwhelmed, when I realized the detriment that having too much stuff is to me. Feeling overwhelmed, I sat down amidst piles of laundry and while wallowing in misery my mind was renewed.
Through the process of finding peace about the fire and how it affected our lives, I found beauty. God’s fingerprints are all over this baby!

1) We used part of the money for our belongings replacement to pay off debt and cars. Debt free is amazing.
2) All the hand-me-downs we received when we were newlyweds that just weren’t “us” became replacement money for new things that are “us”.
3) The new house is going to be toooo awesome (and we hope to sell it for a better price when next we move)
4) An eye-opening assessment of what everything I buy means to me.

We lived for 2 months with every person having 3 outfits and 2 pajamas so that we would not have to carry around so much with us when moving from hotel room to hotel room. Yes we did laundry almost everyday (just not as many loads).
You know what? While wallowing in that pile stated above, I missed having LESS.
We received all of our pre-fire clothes, that made it, after we moved into the apartment (they had been at the dry-cleaners).
Going from essentials to excess is misery.
I jumped up from that laundry pile with my mind renewed and my heart sealed on life with essentials. I called Michael and got permission to P-U-R-G-E.
You know those boxes of boys and girls clothes in misc. sizes I’ve been holding on to until I have the last child? I’m over it. The burden of all of that stuff sitting around waiting is a bigger burden that having to find new stuff in the future. It’s clogging up my life! I’m keeping the clothes that they are growing into that I already have, but the stuff they have outgrown? It’s out of here quicker than a Mexican can jump a fence!
Freedom in less. Beauty from ashes.


Andrea said...

I second that notion. The occasional day passes where I wonder "Why me?...Why am I "stuck" living here with my in-laws, waiting for a higher paying job, school to finish etc, while my belongings continue to sit in the same storage unit that they've resided in for the past year?..why us?" Then it occurs to me - I've learned more about my other family than I ever would have otherwise; I CAN survive with half of a small closet worth of clothing etc. Oh I understand where you are coming from. My storage unit should fear me...because when I finally get to clear it's getting CLEARED OUT! Too much stuff is often times a much greater burden. I hear you sister.

Anonymous said...

Amazing isnt' it? I was in my kitchen thinking back to the days before my household goods got delivered, thinking to myself.."just why did I want all this crap back?" I think there is happiness from simplicity and freedom while purging the excess in our lives :)

And Bev, OMG you made me laugh.....sometimes they swim ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow Bev! You just figured out one of the answers to a happy life that most people never get/or takes years to do so! LOL! Stuff just adds to our work load, and keeps us from enjoying time with people, the true treasure in our lives. Not worth it! I am glad I came back here again today, after finding your page. You make me smile with your writing! By the way, I LOVED 27 Dresses, am only keeping things that 'serve' me and my husband, AND am glad you were thinking about us at the eye doctors! I love the look of your specs!

Dawn Mercedes said...

great advice! thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.