Sunday, February 17, 2008

Super Cute Movie Alert!

I went to the movies. Yes! I did. I swear.
The last time I did that? ...........umm.....oh, yeah, last September for our anniversary. Yup.
Who went to the movies? MEEEE! :)
Anyway, I saw a super cute movie and you've got to see it!

It's even better than the trailer makes it seem!
27 Dresses! Go see it!! :)


MandySue said...

yay, I have been wanting to see this one. But I don't think Mike is up for the chick flick idea lately. hehe

Plus Ben's separation anxiety makes it difficult to even pee :) much less see a movie.

Tanya said...

I have been something of a movie buff lately since I have not unpacked my real passion. I saw 27 Dresses, Fool's Gold, Juno, and Definately Maybe all in the last 2 weeks!!! Before this how long had it been since I had seen a movie? Ummmm forever!