Monday, April 07, 2008

From the Culvers WIFI

Quick update from the Culver's WIFI.
I won't get internet out at the house until the 15th.
We got orders. Michael is cross-training into EOD (Explosive Ordiance Disposal) soo...they told him last Monday and he is already at Texas training then he'll be in Florida training for 8 months. ....the house....I have to stay till it's done and sold. Ack! Got to go. :)


MandySue said...

Oh my goodness Bev!!! You are going to have one crazy year!!!! Good luck sweetie! If you need anything I'm here!!!

Cyndy said...

Of course orders came through at this time. Keeping you in my prayers, I hope the house gets finished soon.

Ellen said...

Wow! Did you know he was going to cross-train? I can't believe he is already training. That was super fast.

Sara (deipara) said...

Aww... sorry Bev.

Though this explains why we lived in base housing or rented when I was little and Dad was in the Air Force.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Things change quickly, don't they! So he'll be gone for how long total? Do you know where you'll be stationed? Hope to see you tomorrow at the tea!

MandySue said...


Thanks so much for the extra goody in my bag. That was lots of fun to get. I can't wait to play...well hopefully sometime soon