Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back Up!

I have inter net again. That Midco guy must have thought me a freak I was almost dancing around when he got here. Internet...I love thee.
I do get a butt load of stuff done around the house when I don't have it though. Thank goodness my husband did not comment on that. ;) I'm sure he noticed.
Well, now that I have a little more time (the kids are sleeping!) I can talk through what new orders we've got.
Michael has been wanting to cross-train for a while now. Well, we weren't supposed to find out if he got accepted into EOD or not until mid April. Monday, March 31st they called him and said he got accepted and that *his training in Texas started the following Monday*. Are ya kidding? No. Seriously. He had to out process out of everything and pick up all his records and get all his blues uniforms up-to-date (he hasn't had to wear any in 3 years) in a week. Oh yeah, and we're not done with the house.
I mentioned below that the house is livable. What I mean by that is that you can cook, there is a floor in most living areas, and you can bathe. As of yesterday, you can even take a shower.
While his orders are actual PSC orders (meaning I could go with him to Florida for his 8 months of training there~ Texas was a week), I can't really until the house in completed and sold. Since we were doing most everything in the house ourselves (bonus= my husband now knows how to do *EVERYTHING* in a house!) we have now hired 2 contractor friend to plug out the rest of the work.
I will now live in the crazy construction area. But not for more than 8 months, right? :)
I will miss 8 months of Floridaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Ok...I'm fine, really.
My darling husband is training into EOD, Explosive Ordinance Disposal. These are the people who disarm bombs. They are the ones that go over the wire in Iraq. He can't deploy for 18 months after training b/c of progressing in skill levels buuut. I'm completely sure he'll be gone for a long deployment after that. If you know anything about my know that this career is totally up his alley. He is beyond excited, and I am thrilled to see him happy at his job for once.
For now, he's in Florida, and I am here....and our life insurance police was just changed to crazy amount of coverage. Have I ever mentioned how much I love USAA?
Well, I need to hit the hay now. I need my beauty sleep. I have a dear friend who is due to have a baby any. second. now. and she is coming here, when she's ready, to our glorious home to have her baby (I'm terrrrrribly excited!) so I need to get the whirlpool cleaned of bath bubbles . Tah!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back connected to the web Bev! Although, like you said, we sure get a lot done with the time we are on here! LOL! I guess, as in all things, 'balance' is the key. Now I just have to keep cleaning my 'self-discipline' button so it will be ready to be pushed when I need it! I wanted to ask your advice. I want to learn about making cards. Your's are always so gorgeous. Can you send me any links, etc or informational sources that would help me? Here in the middle of nowhere, I am sure there are no 'groups' that do this. Let me know, or shoot me an email! Thanks, Theresa