Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sites that Make Life Sweet

I would like to take a minute to point in a few directions to sites that I. Adore.
First, where would a scrapbooker/cardmaker/stamper be without Splitcoast Stampers? Nowhere, that's where.
So if you've never been, please try and hold on to your wallet- the pure genius that is generated make your pocketbook quiver as you attempt to try such a beautiful craft.
Non paper crafting? Is there such a world? Yes. And she is amazing. Her name? The Pioneer Woman. Ree is an amazing story teller, cook, and omiword her photography wants to make you smack your mama! The site is riveting!
Third, feed your mama soul and try . Amanda Soule is a fantastic writer who shares her everyday moments while being surrounded by the simple and beautiful. I'm hooked.

I think these should be on every one's favorites list! :)

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