Sunday, April 20, 2008


My dear friend AM, had her baby this morning. She came over at 1 am the midwife got here at 2. She delivered at 4:45 am. She had a darling baby girl, who's name has yet to be decided.
It was an amazing event! What a blessing to be part of it and to witness the miracle of childbirth!
The kids woke up to and were excited to hear that Mrs. AM was here having the baby (they had been waiting for this all week after we read what the Flip Flap Body Book had to say about it -book found over there <----). They stayed in bed till they were allowed to come out and see that the baby was "all clean". :)
Seth informed me just now that Mrs. AM should come over tomorrow and have another baby! LOL
I think AM will take a break from childbirth for a few months. Dontcha' think? LOL

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