Monday, May 12, 2008

Seaside In Sepia... & Teething

This is done with the stamp set, Seadside. I've been wanting to do an "In Sepia" card for a while, so this got *that* out of my system...though I really did like doing it!

On another note...guess who's teething.
Isn't it pathetic?
She has a fever and is drooling and is in general weepy. It's her bottom tooth...maybe two at once.
We're ALL pretty sad for her.

She's normally a very cheery baby so when she cries it just pulls at your heart, man!

This however brings me to have to make a rule about nursing has always been "till a year or teeth". My older two didn't get teeth until they were a year. She's 8 months! Hmm...what to do...


Cyndy said...

I was unsure how teeth + nursing would go...but here we are at 15mos and she is still nursing. She has done great and I treasure our night time cuddles before bed. Good luck.

MandySue said...

I nursed both of mine until 15 months and both had teeth before then. Ashley was pretty good about it....Ben thought it was funny to bite because it got a reaction from me. All I did was if he bit me I put it away and he was done. I'd wait a few minutes or so and if he was still interested I would let him try again. He figured it out pretty quick that if he wanted to nurse then there would be no biting.

Anonymous said...

LOL...have no tips on the nursing angle, but just wanted to give you a wave and tell you how much I love seeing the pics of your kids....they are adorable! And thank you for the lovely comments too! You ARE too sweet.....and I can't wait to learn more! I actually saw a show this morning while cooking, that gave me some more tips! Ooohh, I am excited. I've always wanted to be a protege of a great master! LOL! Have a marvelous day! Hope it is warmer now! T.