Friday, May 09, 2008

The Shows OMWerd!!

I know they are condensing the shows story lines, so to speak, having less episodes to work with...but gee whiz! I feel like every show I sit down to is blowing my socks off!

So many new fun twists!

Grey's- Umm, first thing that comes to mind is I could totally have done without that "don't ask don't tell in the Army" story line. I umm...ok, fine...I edit the comments on my blog so go ahead and bring it on- I'm a homophobe. I don't like watching it. Get your own channel. I have the freedom to feel that way. :) And Meradith: "put on your big girl panties and take your man back!" Chicken.

Survivor- Holy Molly. I don't even know what to say. This has got to be the most entertaining Survivor I've seen in a long time! Blind side after blind side! Ozzie? I can't believe it! And those girls are just like those spiders they keep showing on the nature footage- spinning their prey in their webs. Yikes. I'm all for Cirie...I don't know that she'll make it to final two though. Or do they do final three in front of the jury now?

Dancing with the Stars- Well, this season had been kinda blah to me. My vote goes to Kristi Yamaguchi ("The Yam" bwahahaha!) because I loved watching her skate when I was a kid.

Samantha Who- Hilarious! I love this show. I wonder though, what is she doing for a job now?

Brother's & Sisters- I just knooooow they are going to stretch the openings of this Justin and Rebeca relationship out until the last episode only to leave us on a cliffhanger.

LOST- Wowzas...Last week they made me yell out a big "WEEEEEE" when John and Kate where together in present day! And then they pop ed that balloon big time didn't they? Meanies. And my Mommy brains can't take much more turns in this big puzzle. I need to keep a notebook to remember all those twists and how they apply to what's happening.

CSI- It's gotten a little more gruesome this season and I haven't gotten caught up due to children being around when I want to watch it.

*Side Note: you are looking -kinda- at a happy woman! Georgia Kate has, for the past week, been taking her naps with the older kids and going to bed right after the older two go down too. I could cry for *time* this opens up for me! What shall I do with it? Bake, stamp, scrapbook, watch movies? Yes. I will. I'm over the moon, people!

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