Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dee's Twins

My friend Dee has her twins baby shower this evening! I'm SO excited!
And the color challenge today just happened to give me great *boy* colors:
Blue Bayou, Soft Sky, and Real Red.
Twins! I can't wait to hold these darlings when they come home from the hospital!


Anonymous said...

YOU are so talented! I love that card! It looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful works of art! Got to see two babies yesterday. One was from Nikki Fulton Hart (class of 98) here for their reunion! Too cute her little Austin is....he would just laugh and laugh. I hope to post the pic her husband took of him in our dalmation sunglasses! Hope you are having a good time! Until, T.

The Mom RD said...

We kept waiting when she was opening her cards, in anticipation of one of Bev's famous cards! You didn't disappoint!