Monday, June 30, 2008

Dress Card Tutorial and a note

I made a card for the Splitcoast Stampers challenge on Sunday that got some questions. Mainly, "how did you make that?". SO, as promised, today during nap time, I made a tutorial. I'd do a video, but since I don't own a head cam, the details for that became sketchy and complicated.

Alas enjoy this long post, and hopefully you can make a dress card of your own!
As a note: this dress is my creation. Please do not take said idea and submit it for publications or contests. That would just be rude. :)
Let's begin!
I started with a regular card base measuring 4 1/4" by 11, folded in half. This allows the card to open from the bottom of the hem and thus makes it stand up nicely. I took out a template I made after I had made a few Onesie cards (created by Lauren Meader at her blog here). This template just makes it easy for me to know the positioning of cutting side silhouette as well as where to punch out the neckline (with my 1 3/8" circle punch) of the onesies, or in this case, dress. I traced the sides onto the card stock and cut that out.
As seen here, I also used this template to cute out the designer paper in close to cocoa for the dress and after tracing that same template onto the polka dotted designer paper I drew in the apron within that template guideline and cut that out.

Next, I took my corner round punch with the guard off, and made a scallop edge (tutorial for that found here) on the card base (both sides), dress, and apron. The way I see it is they don't not have to line up. It's the imperfection of this that adds to the dress.

Adhere these pieces together. "But Bev! What about the neckline?" you say? Well! Hold your horses! We'll be there in just a second.

Aha! See. Flip your card around and use your 1 3/8" circle punch to punch out that neckline from the apron. You could have done this earlier, but then your couldn't have been sure that you were lining your apron up exactly where you wanted it to be.

Now for the collar, You are going to take some of that designer paper that you used for the dress and punch out two half circles using your 1 3/8" circle punch (again).

Put adhesive along neckline and position your half circles thusly. Then trim the top that hangs over the edge of the card.

To make the pocket you'll need another piece of that designer paper you used for the dress, and round the bottom of a 1" by 1 1/2" piece, by inserting it into the 1 3/8" circle punch and punching.This is where you can start embellishing to your hearts desire. I chose to stamp out some flowers to have them poking out of the pocket, some buttons, and later you'll see the ribbon along the waist. I also used my white gel pen to make some faux stitching along the dress lines, on the buttons, and cross stitching on the pocket.

If you want to add a sentiment (and I always try to), it's a good thing to use your Stamp-A-Ma-Jig to get it exactly where you want it! Don't know how to use one? Try this tutorial here. At this point I also rounded the shoulders and sleeves of the dress with my corner punch.

There you have it! The cutest little dress card this side of nap time.

Now, if you make one of your own, leave me a comment linking it here so I can see it! :)

Card Ingredients (all Stampin' Up!):

Close to Cocoa card stock, Close to Cocoa designer paper, Cutie Pie designer paper, white gel pen, neutral buttons, Chocolate Chip poly twill ribbon, glue dots, Year After Year stamp set, True Friend Stamp set

Make sure that you come back on Thursday to see a tutorial on this "man card", below. My club ladies just *had* to know, and now you can too! ;)

After this friends may never read me again. ROFLMBO


~Chris~ said...

WOW I love your Dress Card.. Your Blog is awesome.. Can't wait for Thursday to learn how to do the MAN Card :)
Thanks for the great Inspiration!

Anonymous said...

That dress is so cute! Allen said over my shoulder, "Why doesn't she sell these cards?!"
You should!
P.S. It's Kimberly; I couldn't remember my blogger id thing. ;)

Tandra said...

Hey there! That dress card is fantastic!!!

And the man card....sigh...LOL
Cant WAIT to learn how to do that!!