Thursday, June 12, 2008

She Dreams

Today's challenge had us make a card with a picture on it. I chose this one that I took this past weekend because I knew this sentiment would be perfect for it. So what do ya think? :)


Tandra said...

Its a perfect card!!!
Love the colors, very vintage looking!
Love your blog header too!

Anonymous said...

PERFECT, truly perfect! Oh someone already said that? Well it still is! Totally gorgeous....I love it! Of course, I also love you...and your talent....and your cute kids. Hmmm, I may be considered biased!

Andrea said...

That is a beautiful card. You should send it into hallmark...your little darling would be famous!

Lisa said...

This is a beautiful card, I love the asymmetry of the embellishments, it makes it look very chic!
Nice work!
fellow SCSer