Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Convention Pictures

Hey everyone! I don't want to overload my main blog with soooo many convention pictures so if you want pictures pictures pictures, come on over to a sub-blog I just made. You can find it HERE HERE HERE. :)
P.S. New catalog: I'm going to be broke and begging for food people!


Anonymous said...

Your link isn't working for me.

Anonymous said...

Link worked for me....loved the pics! Haven't been on here for a little much fun to hear about your trip with family and now the convention. LOL, and don't worry, we will all send you food....just keep sharing your 'expertise' and teaching us 'newbies' and we will be happy....I make a mean, killer lasagna. Flash freeze and sent it right out! LOL...unless you want to come to Florida to get it yourself?????

Anonymous said...


I absolutely love your blog - I have not laughed so much. North Dakota thighs - right!!

I enjoyed your preview - I hope the SU! police don't burn you.

A New Fan

Lori said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog... found it while searching for SLC news! And you've already become a favorite! I loved your videos, your photos, your writing style! Can't wait to watch your blog more and learn from you! Thanks!

Kerin said...

Hi Bev!
I so enjoyed meeting you at convention! I'll be bookmarking your blog to keep up with you!