Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some of my favorites..

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things from convention.
It wasn't just the big moments (free stamp sets), big announcements (partnership with Sizzix), or crazy swapping.
I loved that while we waited for general session to start, they would have great music on, and most people were dancing and singing along.

I loved that I would see a person in a hallway and it would hit me "I KNOW that face!" and I'd have to run over to them and meet them IRL (In Real Life) versus emails and chats.
The boxed lunches were fabulous and they usually had a fun snack tucked in for later, or a yummy treat as a desert . One day they set out ice cream coolers here and there in the meet and greet hall. I had gotten there early to get in line to meet Shelli Gardner and this Hispanic fellow was just taking the cover off of the cooler "unveiling" it's existence to the empty hall. I walked by and struck up a conversation with him (I speak Spanish). Two minutes later he tells me (in Spanish) "you better pick an ice cream out now! Those crazy woman will come in here at any minute!". LOL No joke. I wise man doesn't get in the way of 6K+ women and their ice cream! *snort*

But most of all? I love Stampin' Up! This trip really cemented to me the fact that they truly love and care for their demonstrators. The staff is so sweet and caring and always wanting to help you. You could feel that.

New challenge card coming your way tomorrow! Wahoo! :)

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mousekemom said...

I love your work! Absolutley beautiful! Found you through a friend sending me to your convention site. Thanks for the sneak peek!

I got tagged and am new to blogging, so I am passing it on to the ladies I love to visit! Click on my name and it will take you to my site for your questions.