Monday, September 01, 2008

A First Try

Things came together today for me to try my first video blog post.
Isn't it strange to see yourself on video?
(Err. Not sure I like it, but I keep reading about how important it is to readers to see the blogger they read. I suppose that's true, since I love watching my fave bloggers on video.)

Something about video blogging makes a blog a touch more personal, ya know what I mean?
You feel like you get to know a person more.
Oh dear. LOL
I hope I don't scare ya away! Hehehe

Please let me know what you think. :)


Lisa Bohler said...

You looked GREAT! I especially liked how you shared your idea book and that you get stumped...BUT! I love what you've got going on the pencil/happiness thing! That happens to me ALL of the time! Great idea and then that sits on my table forever!

Question? What do you "video" with? Webcam? LMK

Lisa B from across the border (of ND/MN that is!)

Kathy said...

Hey Bev! Loved your video. It was so fun to get all your chit chat. Can't wait to see the finished product of the pencil thing. Great idea, there.
I also didn't know you were a fellow homeschooler! How fun is that! Keep the videos coming.
(SCS stampin8mom)

Kristine said...

You are too cute!!!

Emily said...

Hi Bev! I really enjoy your blog - you seem like a fun outgoing person with lots of energy and creativity! Your video was cool too...maybe you will be the next Kristina (Werner)?!?!?!?!

Emily :)

PS - I'd also like to know what camera you used for making the video.

Bev said...

You guys are sweet. :)
I use a microsoft life cam webcam found here:

And I use Windows Movie Maker for the making of the video.

Anonymous said...

LOL! You ARE too cute Bev! You know what, your voice sounds so sweet! I don't remember that so much from high school, but then maybe that was because we were always yelling at the top of our lungs for whoever was swimming! And the rest of the time you were so quiet!

Now since this blog is about YOUR area of expertise (and you are awesome!), and you asked for what we thought.....there is something, that I have a little knowledge think you either need to get a good Anti-Reflective Coating on your eyeglass lenses next time you get eyewear OR maybe make sure the window (assuming that is what is reflected in your lenses) behind the camera is covered! LOL! Yea, nobody else would notice such stuff but an Optician, I am sure!

Have a great day, and keep the video blogs coming. I love getting a peak into how you come up with what you do, and how you do it! Take care, T.

Anonymous said...

You are so cute. ;) My question is, why was Robyn taking a nap with her winter hat on?

Tandra said...

I think, that I need to get OFF dial-up, so I can watch fun
LOL I think you should call them BeVideos!!

Bev said...

Seriously! How would I get a great name like Bevideos if you *weren't* on dial up? ;)

Kimberly: she's a hat fashionista and I am not allowed to tell her what she can and cannot where on her head.

T: It was the monitor...maybe I'll have to do without my specs next time...or darken the screen?

Mel Hanlon said...

I love the idea of the video blogs! And its lovely seeing your smiling face!

Love Mel Hanlon

~Chris~ said...

I loved the Video.. You did a great Job.. Can't wait to see the finished Pencil Project.. Thanks for sharing that even a Pro gets stumped at times... And the Book where you write your thoughts in.. What a neat Idea!!! Keep the Video's coming.

Staci Miserlian (Misermom) said...

Hi! Thanks for letting me peek into your kitchen. hehehe! The video was fun, felt like I should have a cuppa tea and sit down and chat with you. I was talking back...could you hear me?? :)
We have a lot in common - I, too, have a creativity journal that I plan things out in. Love it!
I also get totally stumped, just like you mentioned, all of the time. I will make a main panel image that is awesome (IMO) and then not be able to design the rest of the card to live up to it. Such a bummer! I need to hook up with someone who designs card bases that are awesome and then gets stuck on the main image. We could be a yin/yang duo and make incredible cards!! haha!

Tanya said...

Bev, I feel so honored to have been a subject in your very first video blog! Thanks so much for answering my question:)...and I loved the video, you are so sweet.

Liz said...

Loved seeing your video blog! I love that pencil panel too, so I hope you don't stay stumped for long!

DALewis said...

LOVE the video blog. It's nice watching and listening to you talk even though your writing is awesome. =)

Emily said...

Great video Bev. BTW, I do the same thing! Whenever I make a main panel for the card that I'm really happy with, I have such a hard time making a card that's good enough, lol. I keep an inspiration book too =).

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Hi Bev!! I loved your video! Really fun!!

I saw your Elzy sketch card on Elizabeths blog and it is adorable. The ribbon waist band/bow is brilliant.

For your pencil card you should totally try making your own lined paper background.

Take care and hope to chat soon.