Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Doctor is Sooooo IN!

Guess what Brown brought me today. Mmmmhmmm!
I was just so faint with all the new rubber sitting around here it turns out this SU! Big Shot Doctor's Bag is JUST what the doctor ordered. Oh my. Oh golly. Oh yum! Look at the inside!
I feel better already! :)


Tandra said...

THANKS Bev for the SHOVE over the edge!!!! LOL
Gotta get it now! whatis the outside made of-cotton, heavy canvas, plastic?

I just drooled on your pic thankyou-very-much! LOL

Jules said...

Oh I love that bag!

Bev said...

LOL Tandra! The outside is a heavy canvas, and the inside is a pink, black and gray and white polka dotted cotton.

Tandra said...

Thakns hon! <3

Brooke S said...

So Jealous... I don't have any on the new "Big shots" things yet.. I have to get cracking!! You should show us your stampin'Space in your next little video.. I agree with others on you glasses I can't see your lovely eyes....

Miss ya,