Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mall Fun with the Kids

I'll be gone today so I am having blogger post this for me. Fancy shmancy! :)

I'm in Fargo today with some girlfriends. One of them, Melissa, moved far far away this past January and I'm so excited to see her and her kids! Her J and my Seth were good buds since they were just learning to walk. *sniff* My baaaaby! LOL
Anyway...we'll meet at the mall to do some shopping and let the kids play in the mall play area. Our friend Audrey's coming too. Yeay! :)

So now that I've printed off coupons for all the shops I want to go to (can you tell I like to plan my shopping trips? Watch out on the day after Thanksgiving!), I made a little card for each of the big kids.
I made them quick and easy since the kids will just tear into them or whatnot...but on the inside, lookie:
I used mini glue dots to put a couple quarters onto each card so the kids can pick out a treat or two at the gumball machines.
I know they're going to have a blast seeing each other. And the Mommies? Well, I can't wait to chat it up and drink some Starbucks!
You! Let loose with a friend today!

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Jessica said...

Those cards are sooo cute!