Tuesday, September 30, 2008


What is grace to you? I know. *Deep* right? :)
I'm in a class right now in our church that is studying grace.
Don't you find that when you are studying something like that, life comes at you on all sides to challenge that very subject? To teach you the very definition and premise? Sometimes it's painful.
Today was just that lesson.
I had dropped off our truck to the base automotive department to have a block heater installed. This is always a hard thing to do with three kids and no one to pick us up and drop us off. Fortunately I could just walk over to my friend April's house (Hi April!), and spend the morning with her and her kids. They told me when I called to make the appointment last week, that they would have it done by noon if I dropped it off at 9am. Well, I called when I was walking back to the building with the kids to let them know I was on my way to get it.
They hadn't even started it at 1pm.
After taking a deep breath and letting them know that I would just pick it up and take it in somewhere else another day (I did not say this rudely and was surprisingly calm), I picked it up and then taught my son on the ride back home the importance of keeping your word.
See, Seth had asked the man in the shop if he had fixed our truck. The man had to say that he hadn't, so Seth asked him why not. The man told him there were other cars that needed fixing first. Seth told the guy that he was supposed to have fixed the truck. LOL At that point I scootched us all out of the building. :)
There were many things I wanted to say to the man, but some how...the word GRACE kept popping up in my head.
My cup was filled with enough grace today to forgive the auto body shop. Enough grace to take the opportunity to turn this around and teach my son a lesson. Enough grace to cry *on the way home* for the difficulty of being the only one to handle all these things, and *not* right in the shop in front of God and everybody. And even the grace to find peace with it and now feel that much more aware of the gift that grace is. :)
This morning may seem like a small thing to you, and if so, I'm sorry to bore you, but I just had to share with you my thankfulness at the gift of grace. It's immeasurable, and sustaining.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, Bev. You handled the awful situation so wonderfully, so....gracefully! Congratulations on applying your lesson to your life. Oh that we could all do so well! :)

Big Hugs,
Crystal (SCS happy2stamp4ever)

Margie said...

Congrats to handling the situation so well :) I really don't think I could've done the same... good for you!

Anonymous said...

(Big Smile!) What a wonderful experience...lol...at least after you got thru it. Learning that lesson as you see it unfold in front of you, helping your son learn through the moment, AND being such a wonderful example that even though some moments are hard, God does give us something within that will help us if we tap into it. What an incredible gift to your children. Thanks for sharing with us Bev.

We got home a couple days ago, after being gone ten days. We accomplished much on our 'goal list' and were also happy to be 'home.' Had a few 'learning lessons' of our own too! Thank you God.

Love ya Bev! Sweet Tea!

Anonymous said...

When you called to tell me what had happened I just thought of how I often had that same feeling like you said in your blog of "the difficulty of being the only one to handle all these things". I had that feeling a lot when Adam was gone! On the one hand I'd think of how blessed I am to have such great friends for support and most importantly the Lord, and on the other hand I'd think of how exhausting (mentally and physically) the responsibility of kids/household is by myself. Anyways...just wanted to share I know the feeling! And you're doing an amazing job, by the grace of God, right?! Had fun visiting with you today! Thank you so much!

silke said...

I soooo understand you - LOL!!! I'm glad you stayed cool and handled the situation gracefully!!!