Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strawberry Thanks

Here is this week's video. I had to make a thank you card for a sweet lady in our church who gave us a ton of Strawberry Shortcake things for my daughter's room. So naturally, I went with a Strawberry themed card.

Don't get me started on the Strawberry Fields Forever song. I purposely did not pick it. :)
Enjoy the video!

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If you wonder why I use the foam from scrap stamp trimmings instead on my dimensionals at one point, the foam for the stamps is double the thickness of our dimensionals, so rather that sandwich up dimensionals (which also works by the way), I just save my scraps when I want extra thickness. :)

Have a lovely day ya'll!


Margie said...

I love your strawberry card and video :)
Thnx for sharing!
xo, margie

Lisa Bohler said...

Excellent, Bev!!! You look so's very well done!

MacKenzie said...

Just discovered your blog last night - great stuff! love love love this strawberry card.
I'll be tagging you on my Tuesday post - you're it!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

HI Bev "miss Kristina 2" AWESOME video, missy I love the card too!
Can I stalk you? :)


Alissa said...

I love this card, you are just awesome! But I have to ask, what was going on with the eraser?

Bev said...

I had made lines befor hand sectioning out the panel so I knew where where I wanted the strawberries to be in relation to the center curvy label. So I was just erasing the lines after I had stamped. :) Thanks for the question!
-Bev :)

silke said...

Bev - this is sooo cute!!! I still have not inked my Set up - YIKES!!!
Love the layout and all that white!!!