Saturday, September 27, 2008

You & Me= No Politics Allowed

This is for today's Inspiration Challenge over at Splitcoast Stampers.
We were to take inspiration from any of the Domino Paint Palette rooms. I chose #16:
Once I had the colors and feeling of the card decided I needed a purpose. So I went to my idea/sketch notebook and found a sketch I had come up with a while ago when I happened upon CNN. They have a logo for the election coverage that is: STAR word + word= word STAR.
Is that clear enough? LOL
Anyway it inspired this sketch and I thought it would be perfection to make into a card for my Father in Law.

My dear...well..yes, dear, Father in Law and I do *not* agree in the slightest when it comes to politics. In fact, we are so different we came to talk about it during the last Presidential race. I use the word "talk" loosely here. It was more of an email shouting match. :) It was ugly ya'll.
We agreed to never talk politics with each other again. It just heats up the room by 10,000%.
We do have a fun relationship though, in the sense that we get each other's jokes.
So I made him this card. The inside says: "Obama and McCain. I'd say good luck...but I can't! Happy voting. Or not. :)"
I wish I could be there to see him open it.
I love pushing his buttons. I'm evil that way. :)

Hope you are having a beautiful day. Take in that gorgeous fall weather!

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Beate said...

Wow! Awesome card. Love it!
Hugs and smiles