Saturday, September 06, 2008

Seth Picked #6

We put numbers on bits of paper today and Seth plucked a number out of a bowl for one of the coffee card comments yesterday. :) Sooo. Miss Stacey (MiserMom) please email me (under my About Me over there--->) and I will be mailing this card to you.
After picked out the number 6...he plucked them all out and said "Mommy, now you have to send them all a card!" Stinker.
Well...I guess I could do that!
Soooo all of you who commented yesterday (up until my cut off post), email me your addy so I can send a card out to you from Seth and I! Tschau,


Anonymous said...

what a cutie pie character! SETHG I like your style! I would like to see a stamp designed that looks like YOU! You are adorable!

Staci (Misermom) said...

Woo! Hoo! I ♥ Seth!!! Thanks, Buddy!