Friday, September 19, 2008

Seth's Birthday Card for Georgia

Seth told me as I was picking out cardstock for today's challenge that HE was going to make the card today. Ok with me! :)
He said he had to make a birthday card for Georgia (she's 1!).

He did the stamping and poured the embossing powder on. I used the heat gun and used the punch. He even did the dimensionals and yes, he took the picture. :)
He's quite proud of it. He even wrote "Georgia" on the indside. I'm loving his darling 4 year old handwritting.
And ofcourse, Georgia loves it!


Rachel Hope said...

SETH! What a wonderful card!!! You picked wonderful colors and I love the balloons!

Tandra said...

AWWWW!! He SHOULD be very proud of his card!!!
Seth its fantastic!!!
You are a GREAT stamper and card maker!

gayle said...

Seth...PLEASE inspire us with more of your card ideas! I am really impressed with your card. Thank you for sharing.

Dawnie said...

I am quite impressed w/Seth's creativity! Love it - definitely a "keeper" card.