Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cupcakes for All

Today's challenge was a Featured Stamper challenge.
I made a cupcake card and so did Seth!

We were stamping next to each other the whole time we were making them. It took about the same time. :) He's very into every line and detail so...while mine should have taken longer than his theoretically...he asks me what I think about every color and if I could tie the ribbon and how do you use snail adhesive...and do snails make the glue for my cards. Could we get a snail? Are they hard to feed? Can they play baseball?

Needless to say...this was not a twenty minute card making session. It was pushing two hours. Well, I did stop to change diapers and get snacks and such too, so that should be factored in on that stopwatch.
He did everything for this card (except the ribbon) and even used my scor-pal to score the fold!
Mmmm! Who doesn't love a good cupcake?!?

I did use one of my much hoarded milk glass buttons! Quite proud I could let one go. :)
I collect milk glass, and I collect buttons. To have milk glass BUTTONS is flippin' hard to let go of! LOL
Do let Seth know what you think of his card. When he makes one he always talks about what the "stamping ladies" have to say. Last time, he made a birthday card for Georgia and someone commented that they hoped Georgia didn't eat it. He laughed so hard and kept going around saying "I hope she doesn't EAT IT" and laughing in his monster laugh. :) Boys!


Tara said...

great job on the card Seth! Your mom's card is nice too!

Anonymous said...

Seth, your card is beautiful. The cupcake looks good enough to eat!!! You are a very talented little boy!!

Emily said...

Both cards are fantastic! Very yummy :)

Megan said...

Seth you did a great job!

Bev, your card is fabulous! What did you use to make the cupcake frosting?

Anonymous said...

What a great card Seth! I wish I had a giant chocolate cupcake like that to eat right now!
Your mom's card is fabulous too!

Bev said...

Hi Megan!
The frosting is made with Liquid Applique.
It is a white liquid that comes in a tub and you draw it onto your image. You heat it up with your heat tool and the liquid puffs up. Super cool! :)
If you google it or something you'll find it. I usually get mine at hobby lobby.
Hope that helps ya! :)

Staci M. (Misermom) said...

Well, aren't those some great cards? I could hardly tell which one Seth made - he's getting to be such a good card maker! But, I did see that Momma's had a milk glass button on it, so figured that was hers. Hope you had fun making the yummy cards!

Donelda said...

Seth's card is wonderful!! That cupcake looks good enough to eat!! And I love the milk glass button and proud of you for letting it go (from one hoarder to another :-)

Margie said...

Seth, I saw your YUMMY cupcake card last night - I had to go to the store this morning I to buy ingredients to make chocolate frosted cupcakes with sprinkles - just like yours :) Great work!!!
...please tell mommy that she did a beautiful job too! I love the way she made the frosting :)
xoxo, margie

~Chris~ said...

Both of the Cards are sooo yummy looking.. Seth did a wonderful Job..
I love how your Cupcake looks so real..
All your Creations are amazing. Thanks for sharing your Ideas and Creations!

Tandra said...

THIS stampin' lady LOVES Seths card!! I loves me a yummy chocolate cuppy!!!
Thanks Seth!
Moms card is ok...LOL
(seriously its adorable!!)

Tandra said...

Oh EXCUSE me I JUST noticed there is a BIG BITE out of mommy's cupcake!! LOVE that Bev!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

I just want to take a big bite out of Seth's cupcake...great job Seth keep up the good work. So it looks like Mom has already taken a bite out of her's I guess she just couldn't wait. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

Debbie/Phx AZ

Anonymous said...


I just love your card! Your use of all those colors is great and ribbon too? WOw!! Cheryl

Angela said...

Yummy card, Seth! That's so cool your mom put your card on her blog!

Bev - your cupcake is so cute!!!