Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Merrrrrrry Christmas and Some Homework for You!

Did you know that you are appreciated?!?
You are! By me! And by Splitcoast too!!
Splitcoast Stamper's has a Christmas Gift for you! They are opening up this month's Dirty Dozen Gallery to all Splitcoast Stampers members! You don't have to be in the fan club this month to see all the cards I've been working on for the Dirty Dozen. Just pop on over to the gallery at midnight on the 14th for the reveal!
Here's where your homework comes in: Splitcoast also has a Christmas special for you! If you want to become a Fan Club member, join now to get in on the goooood stuff all year for only 19.95.
I know, I sound like I'm a sales person, but I'm not. They're not paying me to say this (They haven't even asked me to say this).
You know when you REALLY are IN LOVE with something. Candy. Socks. Books?
You want everyone to taste it, wear it, read it!
I want you to see the amazingness that is the Splitcoast Fan Club and the works of the Dirty Dozen! If it only means you become a regular member (for FREE - sign up HERE) it! You'll get to see it all for free for this month, and this month only. Merry Christmas from Splitcoast ya'll!
Because I am in way to deep with my craft, and I cry at all the Dirty cards I can't post for you here,

P.S Seriously. I cry.

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