Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl Commercials

Here's my fav

and the kids

What was yours? :)


ItsJustMeHeather said...

Those of us that watched the gave via Armed Forces Network did not get to see ANY commercials during the game :( Thanks for sharing a couple of the good ones!

Anonymous said...

Mine? the Doritos one where he throws the snow globe though the vending machine glass and the one with Mr and Mrs Potato head LOL

Of course, we had to watch OURS on Yahoo this morning because WE can't see them here...just the game its self with the mind insulting AFN "commericials" interjected instead. SUX.

Andrea said...

I like the Doritos commercial and anything with that crazy Etrade baby. There is something completely hilarious about babies who converse like adults...sarcastic adults at that! On other notes, how's FL?, and when are you heading out this way?

DALewis said...

I love to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials but didn't get to see it this year. I loved the 2 you posted though. And the Coke one? VERY creative. :)