Monday, January 04, 2010

HB and The Process

Happy Monday ya'll!
The first Monday in 20-10. I think we should just rip off the shackles of "Monday" and rename it something more Canday. Yeah. Canday. :)
Ok. No more hating on Monday. I happen to love Monday now ya know. :)
This week, I'm going to walk you through my process. How do I go from nothing to a card? You're about to find out so look snappy!
1) Find inspiration. Here is a magazine picture that made those butterflies act up again.
2) Next comes the papers. What do I have that makes me feel the that inspiration? And also I choose my neutrals. Should I go with stark black lines or warm brown lines? Should I go with clean white or natural/homier feeling white? Vanilla? How much paper? Do I want a clean style or layers?3)Next, assemble the cast. Here: Stampin' Up! Woodgrain background block; American Crafts white Thickers (chipboard stickers); Saltbox Candle Glow set (on sale HERE right now at Amuse for 7.50!); round acrylic block (found HERE)4) Cut and Score

5) LO (Lay Out). Visualize the magic that's about to be! Do a little happy hop, cause it's gonna be fabby! :)6) Ink it up, baby! 7) Don't forget the jams. *Critical* You are about to color! You can't just start coloring with out some groove. Trust me. You need the jams. 8)Sustenance. 'Nough said. :)9) Color you groovin' thang! If possible, add sparkle! (here: colored with Copics and At You Spica glitter pens)10)Underlay. Are you going to pop something up? You'd better stamp the image below it. This serves great purposes: a) you can line everything up nice and tidy. b) if there are pieces to the image that are too tiny to cut out this can save your behind by eliminating cutting. c) professionalism. If you ever get a card with underlay you'll notice this little detail and wiggle with glee that you are loved enough to receive such a card. I know I have. :)
11) Hmmm and haaa... do you need to change something? Do you hate it and have to throw it in the trash or worse: stick it on the dart board? Do you have a Monday Blog and have no choice but to post it? OR do you just think it's lovely and fabulous and can't take how brilliant this hobby is? *sigh* You've done it! The world is a better place. :)
12) Picture it.
So there you are. How one card is birthed. And if you cut out the step with the MnMs then you gain no baby weight! But who would do that.......nutso.

I's got a surprise for you! Tomorrow I'm going to be featuring a card for a stamp release blog-hop. A few of us Dirties where asked to participate and when I saw the stamp set *GAH* I could NOT say no, yo. *big grin* You'll see what I mean when you come back tomorrow!
Warm hugs,


Latisha said...

Where is the world have I been? SU has a woodgrain block!! Must tell, is it available now?
Love your inspiration and your card...just fabby!

melissa said...

thanks for sharing your "how to". That is just what I have wondered. I especially loved the m&m part, but now I am sad because I don't have any :-(((.