Sunday, January 10, 2010


Happy Monday sweets! :)
Did you have a good weekend? Did you freeze? It seams like everyone I talk to lately is freezing their hinies off. From Florida (35) to North Dakota (-14). Hey! I'm not judging. Both those numbers are cold, ya'll! I know both of those well.
Yup! It's January! :)
My last post was *bright* and LOUD and cheeky! So here's a palette cleanser to clean the donut off your breath. ;)
Jane Austin. I've been watching a lot of Jane Austin this week. Jane makes me want to watercolor. She always has that effect on me. I love you Jane.
I was watching Persuasion *faint*..and this little watery tree slid out of my waterbrush and markers.
Hello beautiful. I want to live in your warm little world. I really do.
This sentiment is from one of my favorite Stampin' Up sets "Refuge and Strength". And I like the little yellow leaf frond ghosting it near the sentiment.
I. love. watercoloring.
And if you like that...just you wait till next week my dears!
We're gonna dance a happy dance together.
35 days until Valentine's Day is all I'm sayin'!
Warm hugs,


Linda B said...

Bev, what a beautiful watercolor! And, I like your new banner:D

Christi said...

This is gorgeous and I LOVE that Scripture!

Debi said...

Bev this is gorgeous! Love your little water color and the scripture is just the perfect finishing touch!

Phebe Meeder said...

absolutely stunning