Monday, June 28, 2010

Fancy French Bloomers

Hey friends! Happy Monday!
You ready to see some fancy french bloomers? Ha!
Not THAT kind. You'll see.
First, let's start with the french part.
The other day I was in the mood to make a sepia card. And I thought this image from Rubber Romance would be perfect:I used Walnut Stain distressing ink from Tim Holtz for all the sepia coloring. My other fav part of it? The gold trim under the chocolate chip ribbon (Webster's Pages trim). I chose to leave it sentiment free, since I already had a lot going on here. Perfect for a quick thanks or HB!

Then..Ahh..then...I needed thank yous. :)
I had my gallbladder out a few weeks back and the sweet ladies from my church went over and above taking care of me with meals and visits to help with my babies. I'm blessed ya'll!
So here are some quick thanks I whipped up trying to use my Webster's Pages bloomers:
All I did was color coordinate each piece of bloomers with my cardstock so that the emphasis was on the bloomers without being too overwhelming. Then I picked the the "thanks for everything you do" sentiment (Basic Grey), and did some fancy piercing with my Ornare template. Simple yet beautiful, dont'cha think?

I have to tell you, I had been hogging these bloomers. I didn't want to use them all up...but like with everything in papercrafting, if you don't use just sits and the wow is wasted. Now, I only used half of them for all of these cards...BUT I'm proud of myself for letting go a little. Ha! :)
What have YOU been hogging? Use it up and link it so I can view your wow!


Jenn said...

ohmigosh, these are SCRUMPTIOUS, Bev! (and I love church family for being there even when blood isn't They're the BEST!) xoxo

Ellie A. said...

ROFL.. Girl even before I read that you were hogging those yummo bloomers I said MAN she used them GASP I couldn't do it! ha... For me I am hoarding these cute fabric flowers that I got from etsy's from Pixiepetals.. OH I take them out and say OK I'm gonna use them today and I just end up putting them away Ha.. OK so you want me to use them huh.. OK GULP I'll be brave.. I take your challenge :0

Shannan Teubner said...

THESE!! I have been hogging THESE! LOL :D

Rene' said...

LOVE those sepia cards....not sure how I found you but just had to say how awesome those cards are :)