Thursday, July 07, 2011

Through His Eyes

I went to Chicago this past week.

It's about 3 hours away from me and my sister was there on a business trip, so I scooped my babies up and we went to the big city for a couple of days. I hadn't been to that big of a city since I was little.

When I came home, I found that it had left me a little breathless. Let me explain.

One day a few years ago I was listening to a song on the radio that talked about seeing people through God's eyes. It so inspired me, I prayed that God would help me to do just that. Since then, at random moments in my days, I take in the site of one of my children, a family member, or even a young man in a grocery store and get a little misty. I see the person, and look past their faults...He shows me how beautiful they are. Their hair: each color spun from His hands. Their eyes: sparkling depths He painted. Their face: each bone, each dimple, each wrinkle molded by Him. That one prayer has made my heart so full with love for humanity. When you see can't help but LOVE. You can't stop yourself from helping them in some give from yourself.

While driving through Chicago this week, I experienced rivers and OCEANS of people walking here and there...streaming to stores, work, restaurants, home...and everywhere that I drove it was this experience of seeing people through His eyes. Masses seen through His glorious details. Her curly red hair. His broad shoulders. The baby's glowing dark skin. {Yes, I saw the seemingly endless traffic too...but in between THAT :) He kept showing me these details.}

In the midst of being overwhelmed at the grand scale of masses this questioned struck me:

How could God possibly love everyone of these? And how could everyone of these believe it?

The answer lies in my testimony: Because I know He loves me. He's shown me that again and again. Though I'm a wretched person at times and though I hurt others and though I am thoughtless...He forgives, He heals, He is faithful in loving me. He renews me. Me. One little person. No greater than you. No greater than her. Or him. And mostly even lesser. You see, if He does it for ME...

He does it for ALL.


Right there, in the middle of another hour of traffic, I was mesmerized by his artwork and I had to praise Him. A small whisper, cause I was weepy and overcome. But I did.

Thank you, Father, for creating...for showing me your love for these beautiful people.

He amazes me.

Sometimes He shows me these things for me to do something for others (help physically, with an encouraging word, or with prayer). Sometimes it's so that I can look past the troubles they are throwing out into the world (especially when they are generated at me), so that I can act like He would.

Seeing others through Him changes how we treat others.

We gather others closer.

We make more friends.

We widen our nets to more acceptance.

We LOVE truly. It can't be stopped.

His love for humanity springs up in me.

I was supposed to buy myself something pretty while I was in Chicago (I have a dear dear husband who gave me those very instructions), but I couldn't. My mind wandered towards Tiffany Co...

"Something shiny in a blue box. My favorite shade of blue! Meant to be, I say."

But I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Lord, out of all of my trips..why are you showing me these people through your eyes so much? What are you leading me to? What do you want me to do?

My heart knew. I couldn't buy something that would be just for me...

I drove right past Tifffany's...and drove home to sponsor one of His littles, through World Vision.

This is Rose. Isn't she amazing? Do you see how perfectly her eyes are formed? Doesn't the shade of her skin just knock you out with it's beauty? Rose and I share a birthday and we both love reading. I can't wait to start writing her.

I encourage you to open your eyes a little wider to see His work in those around you. I promise you, it changes your world...

And then theirs.



Ellen said...

Bev, you are amazing! Thanks for writing from the heart.

Lori Craig said...

I'm so glad you are writing. {love}

Cyndy said...

It is amazing when we can see God's love everywhere, God's handiwork in the middle of a wonderful person. When we experience God's amazing, unconditional love, mercy and grace, it really does speak to how we as mere humans can not comprehend how big God's love is for us, each and every one of us! We have a beautiful little girl from Peru named Elizabeth!