Thursday, May 18, 2006

Drinking in a Book...

I love a good book. It distracts me from the mundane. It send me to places I want to be. Like places that aren't North Dakota. Here's a excerpt from my currant read, The Grass Harp by Truman Capote:
"Below the hill grows a field of high Indian grass that changes color with the seasons: go to see it in the fall, late September, when it has gone red as sunset, when scarlet shadows like firelight breeze over it and the autumn winds strum on its dry leaves sighing human music, a harp of voices."
I'd love to be some place where there are breezes instead of 40 knot winds. (Especially when your at a park and the sand is pelting your children in the face)

Note: I have changed the setting when it came to my attention that I did not accept anonymous comments. They are now welcome. :)


Anonymous said...

Books? without pictures but instead wonderful discriptions of magnificint places? What are those? ;)

Anonymous said...

A local gal (the owner of Scrapbook 4 Fun) recommended the book "Nothing to do but stay"'s written by a pioneer woman during her month long isolation in the winter. Can you say brrrrrrr???