Friday, May 19, 2006

Finales: Take 2

These next three show finales all ended the way I wanted! :) I was really excited when the hippies won, the car seat guy got a million dollars, and (be still my heart!) Sara walked out of that bathroom in a robe to talk to Grissom!!! So here goes:

Amazing Race
What a close ending! Holy cow! Those frat boys!
First off, knowing the language really helped the hippies, I think, in Japan. People from other counties in general are more open and nicer to you if you know their language (hence the guy telling the frat boys they had no internet connection). Then the rollercoaster rides...I would have barfed on national television (reason number zillion why I wouldn't do reality tv), not to mention after just haven eaten a bowl of deep fried crickets the day before. And those frat boys did not expect the hippies to beat them on the swans! But it was almost like they just gave it to them, ya know? Then they flyed to anchorage, drilled some holes in the ice for a fishing hut ( was it just me or did Alaska look WARMER than our winters HERE?), flew back to Denver, sought out the last envelope on a farm, which led them to the final challenge at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. They had to put all these flags in order of when they visited the countries. It was breath-stoppingly (that's a word!) close, but my fav hippies pulled through, proving once again that what goes around comes around and those frat boys had better watch out, cause calling to cancel a person's cab is Baaaaaaad karma!

American Inventor
Car seat guy was my pick since the first time they showed him. I was happy he got it! The person I thought should have been in the finale: the sandbag maker dude. That thing would be awesome! And not just for sandbags...I'd use it when I'm raking leaves and have to put them in bags!! Someone had better be on THAT guy about a contract!!

AAAAAaaahahahahaha! They're finally together. I mean, all they gave us was a private moment in a bedroom without even kissing included...BUT they had THOSE looks. Those looks have been going on since, what?, season 2? And in season 4 they had that (by far my favorite!) episode where Gill became obssesed over their victim who looked very much like Sara. And...come on, it's been forever wanting them to get together. So thank GOD that Sara says in the end that she's "not ready to say goodbye". If this is what happends when Brass get's shot, I'm all about it! Sorry Brass, you'd be swiss cheese, man.
I'm not even going to go in on would just take away.

Oh yeah...let's recap on last week's The Office!
The Office
First of all, if you are not watching this show, you are a humorless idiot. It may just be the best comedic half hour on television! So, unfortunatly, I waited a week to remember that I didn't do a post on it so now all I can remember about it is that Jim and Pam finnally kissed WAKOOOO!
This TV guide person got it completley right on their review, so this is what I WOULD have written about it last week:

Alas, I'm just waiting for The Apprentice to get ON with the FRigIN' ending already. I think trump kept those girls on just to see the other two guys' talents more clearly. My vote? Sean!


Anonymous said...

I guess I haven't kept close enough to CSI to even notice the looks, I was SURPRISED but pleased when Sara was the woman he was talking to.

B_Rousch said...

That episode in season 4, for those of you who asked, was "Butterflied".