Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'll work on it...and I Double Dog Dare ya!

I realize I've been video blog negligent lately. :) My apologies! LOL
I will try doing a video tutorial of that quilt card later tonight after my SU! demo shindig. tutorial...this should be interesting.

As for you! I'm clearing out my current music over there (under "Listening To")-->
so I can add more tomorrow, and I double DOG dare you to listen to Hey Jude without singing along to the "naaaah nah nah na na na na"!
I've always secretly wanted to give one of my kids the name Jude. It's just no worked out. Yet. No...I'm def no expecting. Don't get me wrong, they are presh and everything. They are just a handful right now.
My fave part of Hey Jude? "bettah bettah bettah bettah bettah bettah aaaaaah!"
Rock it baby!

1 comment:

DALewis said...

Me loves Hey Jude too and I can't NOT sing along. ;)