Monday, October 13, 2008

Pride, Prejudice, Watercoloring and Trees

Sometimes I only have a few minutes to make a card. When the card is done I am immediately called back into motherhood. That is what's kept me from posting new creations for this weekend. But no more. I don't know that you can handle it. :)
Firstly, I present to you a quick card I did on Saturday for the Inspiration Challenge: Mizue Hirano. Hello gorgeous Japenese water coloring! Sadly I can not do her work justice, so it simply inspired me to watercolor. :)
Secondly, my friend Brooke Stockman (hi Brooke!), and Sankari Wegman (hi Sankari!) have started their very own weekly challenge over at their challenge blog Cinema Saturday. This week's movie to watch and make a card while doing so, is Pride and Prejudice. My fave.
Wait...I do like the Sound of Music muchly too...*inner struggle*
Ok. P&P totally wins out. BBC version of course! I mean, I did like the ending they made up in the Keira Knightly version, but hello Colin Firth can be the only Mr. Darcy. ...Onward!

Lastly, today's Splitcoast Stampers challenge is a Try a New Technique challenge: stair step fold cards. I just love these! And yes, I have been on Kraft card stock kick lately.

This brings the Christmas card list down to 43. Whew...I'm totally going to need to make some quick simple ones soon. :)
Have a great afternoon!


Holly said...

I love this! Just gorgeous. You are making me want to get my kraft cardstock out!

LeAnne said...

Beautiful cards! I love Kraft too!

Tanya said...

WOW! LOVE that tree card!!! The others are very sweet too! I am going to have to try this Cinema challenge...! Your card is very appropriate!
But I must disagree with you (and yes, I know, half the women I know...!), but I like Matthew Macfadyen better. He "melts" better. lol!

Jessica said...

All of these cards are gorgeous, great job Bev!

Sankari W. said...

Oh Bev!! This is beautiful!!! I can't believe how many gorgoeus cards you cranked out this weekend - beautiful, beautiful and beautiful!!!! WOW! I love your P & P card - the background litght pink brocade-ish paper is reminds me of the fabric and costumes from this era and I love the little accent pearlish button - beautiful! Love your color choices and the sentiment is right on!

I loved loved reading your description of P & P - totally put a smile on my face - because... Hello!... you are so right on about Colin Firth as the one and only Mr. Darcy (sigh... i love his tortured looks of love :)

and also - I have been meaning to write you a looooong email to thank you for your card!!! SO sweet - it is even cuter in person! LOVE love it! thank you so much! hope you are doing well and that you had a lovely weekend!!

Thank you so much for playing our challenge - it is totally an honor! Hope you join us next week!!!
Best wishes and hugzzzzz,
Sankari :)

PS - love the step card! (WOW!) and love the watercoloring card!
PPS- what kind of lighting do you use when you take your pics? because it is great! mine always come out kinda yellowish...

talk to you soon!!!
:) S.

Margie said...

I love all of your cards - beautiful! I've never heard of kraft cardstock - I must look into it :)
thnx! xoxo, margie

Sarah said...

You work is just beautiful! I have to introduce myself. I'm April Thornton's best friend from down in Texas, and she told me about your site! Your work is truly an inspiration. I hope you don't mind, but I added you to my 'Inspiration' list on my blog.

Looking forward to seeing more :)

Zoa said...

Hi Bev!! missed you yesterday- hope you are well! Are you ready to do some apples? ;) LOL! I think it will be a lot fun tomorrow!!

Anyway- love your new cards! You really do beautiful work!

melissa said...

Seriously, you are one talented lady!! Love, love, love the tree card!!

Brooke S said...

My little Bev,
You totally made my day!! What an honor that you came to play with Sankari and me... I thinks that my favorite part of you p&p card is the base and polka-dot pattern, the ribbon, the sentiment and the flower... I just think it's all adorable... I have a huge weakness for craft color anything.... I {love water coloring} as well. It makes me feel so artistic. Even though I rarely draw the image I am painting... Got to the the stamps!!!

I am so with you On p&p.. I love the ending on the Keira version.. I love a good wedding but then what I always want more... I still wanted more so I bought the book series "called Mr Darcy's Daughters" by Elizabeth Aston. There are quite a few book some about Charlotte and My Collins, the other Mrs Darcy a widowed cousins wife..Etc... Great reads...

Sound of Music is another classic. I remember back in the day when we had to wait for great movies to come on the t.v. especially during the holiday season.. I would get so excited to watch Sound of Music... Now I get to own it of course...

You had a busy weekend. DId you lock yourself away of did you stay up REALLY late? You got so much done...

All your card are great Bev.. I really should check out challenges on Splitcoast I just get so distracted when I am looking at so many great stamp blogs..

Please come back and play again... I {heart} you my little Bev.
Love your Jolley (old olive) giant

Ann said...

Wow, these are all beauties! I have to say, I am in LOVE with your Pride & Prejudice card! :D