Thursday, November 06, 2008

The House is Done

I've gotten a couple of emails asking me how the house is coming and if we'd gotten our orders to our next base yet, so I thought I'd juet tell you here.
As of yesterday the house is DONE! YES. It is! :)
I'm so happy about that I'm just not sure what to do with all this excitment. Well, I guess clean every nook and cranny so I can take pictures of it for the Realtor would be a good place to start, huh?
Anyone have any tips on keeping your house in order at all times for showing purposes...while still parenting 3 under 4? Oi! That is the part that makes me a little sceeered.
As for the orders to our next base. We do have ink even!
We will be moving (after we sell the house) to Spokane, WA. Ahhh...warmer weather. Hehehe.
Seriously. It doesn't go 30 below there. Warmer, people! Warmer. LOL
Have a lovely day!


Lisa Bohler said...

NOOOOO! Don't go!!!!!!!

Seriously, I'm happy for you because that is a BEAUTIFUL part of our country! I am so glad that we'll still be able to keep in touch by the computer!!!

Jessica said...

Yay!!! You are going to be in my neck of the woods, wahoo! Well, still about 8 hours away but you are going to be in MY STATE!

Oh yeah, and when you figure out how to keep a clean house at all times with 3 little ones please let me know seriously! I always feel a little sceeered about my house lol! And I clean it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Funny how it looks like I haven't done a darn thing in weeks ;)

Andrea said...

We'll welcome you to WA with open arms. And yes, it stays above 30 below, but not without snow...still beautiful. See you in a couple of months and good luck with the house.

margot said...

Don't want to burst your bubble girls but it's a lot easier to keep a house clean with little ones than with teenagers. When we were selling our home I kept a laundry basket in a main floor closet that I filled with the misc. junk that was around (mail, bits of laundry, toys, etc.) and took it with us as we left the house (we weren't allowed to be in the house when it was being shown--I did really like that as I remembered how creepy it was looking at other people's homes while they lurked around.). It worked really well for us.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I am so behind on your life, my friend. Glad I get to see you tomorrow and maybe get to catch up a bit better in person! SOOOO glad to hear the house is done and you have your orders! And I guess since we are apparently not going to Georgia anytime soon...and you are apparently not going to stay here...I am okay with your Washington orders! :) Are you happy about it?

Anonymous said...

YAY!! You're in my neck of the woods, too! (hey Jess!) Same goes for me...mapquest told me it's 6 hours away. :) Maybe we can all meet in the middle sometime? ;-) LOL!

Crystal (SCS happy2stamp4ever)