Thursday, November 06, 2008

Just Kidding Thanksgiving

When my sweet husband and I were newlyweds and living off...crazy little amount of money...we would try to find ways to eat cheap meals (well, I still like cheap meals, but I digress) and our favorite one was Thanksgiving. We had what we called Just Kidding Thanksgiving a few times a year. Yummy food. Lots of leftovers. Perfect.
Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year, if not my favorite holiday. I love cooking and baking so it's got me written all over it! Plus, if I'm lucky I get to spend it with family and friends so yeah, it's got to be the best.
This said, these two projects I made last night reminded me a lot of Thanksgiving.
First this card, for today's Limited Supplies Challenge.
I love how rustic it came out being. This tree, by the way, is from Flourishes as is the sentiment.
When I was done with it, I needed to make a thank you gift for my Fab 6 Club hostess, Jami. I wanted it to be Thanksgiving based, and when I saw this turkey in a Pottery Barn Kids catalog , I knew I had to replicate it in paper and ink. See? It's a Tic Tac holder. :) Orange Tic Tacs. Name that movie! :)
I think it's just perfect for Shelli's Challenge for this month too.
So what do ya think?


DALewis said...

Seriously Bev...could your designs get any more FABULOUS! I love these! So pretty and fall-ish. :)

Jessica said...

Both of those cards are beautiful Bev! I love the colors that you chose, perfect.

Tanya said...


Staci M. (Misermom) said...

Thanks a LOT. I was looking at your blog, my 8 yo looking over my shoulder and I hear, "Tic-Tacs! That makes me want some gum! Can I have some gum?" LOL! Cute project - hope you win on Shelli's blog. I need to see if I can figure anything out to enter.

Jessie/knightrone said...

LOVE your tree card, it is gorgeous!!! Super cute turkey too, and I LOVE that movie!!

Anonymous said...

OM Bev,
That turkey card is adorable!!! Great idea.

Tandra said...

Ooooh Bev! I think Shelli would LOVE it! I bet you will be one of the winners!!!!!!
Dig that turkey!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

silkeledlow said...

Bev - the card is gorgeous!!!! The little project is darling too - I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving - YIKES!!!

Tanya said...

Very cute, very clever!