Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Real Vanilla Coffee

This is for today's Color Challenge #194: Really Rust, Going Gray, and Very Vanilla. This card is a 5.5" x 3" card. It's a tall and thin one.
I wanted it to be all about this supra cool to-go-cup image from the up coming release set Let's Get Together by There She Goes.
All the elements of this cup are customizable. When I say I'm loving this set...it's a total understatement! I geek out and squeal every time I think of all the little elements that are in it.
Seriously. Cute.
You can see the full set on Nov. 27th, so you only have to wait a few more days.
I love the warm colors that Emily gave us for this challenge, don't you?
On another note, are you ready for Turkey Day? I hope you have those birds thawing already! Goodness gracious I'm so excited to get to cooking my favorite recipes.
Here are a few that I make ever year:
And I would give you my pie recipes...but those I keep relatively secret. :) My father's a chef, and if he taught me anything, it's that you keep your best recipes hush hush. Though the above recipes, I would not falter on in the least. They are truly fantastical and ones I come back to every year! Gobble gobble. :)


Lydia said...

Talking to my heart with this card girl.

And I hear ya - I have a cheesecake recipe that I would only give up for a kiss from Bruce Willis!!!


Deb said...

Hey Bev!

Love your Jessie-cup! I DO love these colors! Such a fun challenge today!

I got my butterfly set and ellie card today! Thank you so much! I'm so excited to have won!

I have only one recipe that I can't share! I promised to keep it secret if the chef would share it, and he was kind enough to do so! It is for a delicious honey-sesame seed dressing for spinach salad. Makes about 2 gallons, hehehe! From the Holiday Inn in Virginia Beach over 20 years ago!

Jessie/knightrone said...

SERIOUSLY!!!! That set is gonna be awesome...and can I say, that is the MOST AWESOME turkey recipe ever. Never in the history of the world have I made a better tasting, juicier, moister turkey in my life then when I use that recipe..it is my favorite too and when I saw that you used it, I literally SQUEALED out loud, scared my nephew even, LOL!!

Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl said...

Wowsa...I don't even know what to say about this, except for...it's BEVALICIOUS!!! You ROCK girl!

KellyJean said...

Bev, I am lovin' all of your "coffee creations!" Keepe'm coming! BTW, are you still on your "dirty" little high? he he. You go girl!

Ryann said...

Cute Bev! Love your take on the color challenge!

Tanya said...

Love your cup!
Also, after 6 years of using AB's turkey brine and techniques- my husband has mastered that one and I thikn its better every year! Love it!

Cindy Lawrence said...

Beautiful card, Bev! It is eery how similar our Thanksgiving meal choices are! We make the exact same corn casserole and sweet potato casserole every single year, and our potato dishes are similar as well...scary! Yummy, yummy food! :) :) :)